In Moscow, created the organization No gambling!

In Moscow, there was a union, whose purpose – to assist law enforcement agencies in the fight against illegal gambling.

 One of the leaders is Mikhail Kucherov. He said that to date, the organization has formed a clear plan of action to combat clandestine casino. According to him, the Russian parliamentarians expressed their willingness to assist in identifying and combating illegal gambling-institutions.

 According Kucherov, the organization works exclusively within the legal field, observing the law “On Public Organizations”. In the merger, including working as a lawyer. Kucherov explains – at the moment a criminal case on the fact of organizing illegal gambling excited extremely rare, and it does not suit activists. Its purpose – to attract the attention of law enforcement agencies to the problem of the existence of clandestine casino.

 Kucherov also said that representatives of the association have already made their own base, where, according to the assumptions of the participants, are organized illegal gambling. In the near future activists intend to verify this information and, if necessary, take appropriate measures.

 Earlier, representatives of the law enforcement agencies told about the results of the fight against the shadow gambling business in the suburbs. According to investigators, visitors underground casino was a lot of teenagers.

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