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This was the game that sold millions of DS and showed the world the power of touchscreen. Before Nintendog, DS was PSP’s ugly silver Frankenstein monster rival. I just managed to snag a copy of Chinatown Wars for £14. I know it’s an old game but I’m looking forward to it.

  • The first of these is in the camera, which unlike the rest of the saga, this was a little more attached to the player.
  • This brings an industrial and even rustic feeling, which goes along with the excess of machinery and war weapons that the player encounters during the adventure.
  • Another detail that is usually ignored are the colors, in this case a warmer palette was chosen where the yellows and oranges dominate.
  • Despite being a canonical part of the legendary Metal Slug saga, this is the only game released for this platform.
  • Metal Slug Advance is a run and gun video game developed by Dream Vision Games and published by SNK Games in 2004 as an exclusive of Gameboy Advance.

I’m saddened by the lack of Megaman ZX/ZXA love here. The Alien 2D game is also missing, and some FPS like Metroid, Call of Duty and Moon . I agree, by Zelda’s standards they weren’t anything amazing but they made interesting use of the touch screen, they’re still worth a play.

@Knighty_IX if this makes sense to you, most kids who played with the DS like 9 years ago had their parents choosing based on rating. They probably at some point put down their DS and never explored their more mature offerings. FFIV makes sense, it’s a good full 3d remake of a classic game, but visually identical Chrono Trigger? It’s like picking Sonic Classic Collection over Sonic Rush. Your description of why Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Darkness/Time/Sky is so liked is pretty vague and misses the point entirely in my opinion.

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It speaks volumes about the quality of titles on the DS overall though. Lot of people seem to be forgetting that even though it was a port, DS Chrono Trigger was the first version released of the game released in Europe. Lower on my list is Ontamaparma (sp?),Prism, Puchi Virus, Magnetica, Tsumiki, Tornado, and I have one called Polarium.

@BlueOcean Haha so true, I gave up after the first page. I don’t think there was any need to list every single DS game.

For some reason I expected to see bloody Ocarina of Time at #1, before realising it wasn’t released on DS. Which is good because my only memory of DS Zelda was repeating that damned dungeon over and over again.

Sure, it is kind of a cute dungeon crawler, but there is a reason the other entries in the series aren’t nearly as popular, while they have the same basic gameplay. I would have preferred a single page with all the options and I guess I wasn’t the only one. I made a clear distinction between Bowser’s Inside Story, my favourite Mario & Luigi game and Partners in Time, the worst and not just worst of the bunch like the article says but also a boring game. The fact that neither spirit tracks nor phantom hourglass nor starfox command nor metroid prime hunters nor jump ultimate stars even made this list shows you how stacked the ds library is.

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